A picture of the Needles, on the Isle of Wight

Sight for Wight 2020 Vision

Can you help us achieve our 2020 Vision?

At Sight for Wight we have a vision for the year 2020 and are keen to involve the wider community in helping us deliver some exciting new plans.

We want to raise awareness of what we can all do to promote avoidable sight loss and how Sight for Wight supports those Islanders affected by sight loss.

Our 2020 Vision has two key elements, a Sight for Wight Education Programme and a Sight for Wight Outreach Vehicle.


Download our 2020 Vision Flyer below:

A Sight for Wight Education Programme

An Island wide KS1 Education Programme that links sight, sight loss and promoting avoidable sight loss, to the national curriculum across a range of subjects.

The aim is to develop, pilot and finalise an education programme to be offered to all Primary Schools on the Island over a 2 year period, to reach all KS1 pupils & their families.

A Sight for Wight Outreach Vehicle

Designed to our specification and clearly branded, with a donors panel to acknowledge all supporters and funders.

Our 2020 Vision education will:

  Inspiring, engaging and fun learning for pupils.

  High quality outreach education that supports the curriculum.

  Take-home packs for pupils; to involve parents, carers and the wider family.

  Benefits to visually impaired Islanders, through widening understanding of the impact of sight loss and increasing empathy with those who experience visual impairment.

Our 2020 Vision vehicle will support:

  The education outreach programme, with a variety of activities using digital technology, low-vision equipment and interactive displays – designed for small groups of up to eight pupils plus supporting staff on board at any one time.

  The delivery of low-vision and other drop-in support services for visually impaired Islanders at venues Island wide, and villages with poorer transport links.

  An exciting and welcoming outreach vehicle, offering a range of interesting, fun yet informative activities at public events and shows to promote the support and services offered by Sight for Wight.