Photo of Chris Cane, Senior Administrator

Chris Cane

Senior Administrator 01983 522205

Chris is our newest member of staff who has a wealth of experience with a varied background including Southern Housing Group, Mental Health, Child Protection, Special Educational Needs and Youth Work.  He has also worked as a conveyancing secretary and worked for a theatre company for ten years and was involved in every aspect of theatre life including stage crew, lime lights, fly crew, working the sound and lighting board and later, treading the boards as an actor!

When not working, Chris has a variety of interests, including Doctor Who (he has a full sized Dalek in his dining room!), meditation and relaxation and has a particular penchant for Lindsay Wagner, who played The Bionic Woman in the 70's television series and who he has met on several occasions since 2009 when she visits the U.K. with her Quiet The Mind & Open The Heart workshops.  Chris also enjoys bodyboarding and generally keeping in shape.