Beneficiaries in their own words

From our clients , in their own words:

“I think the IWSB is wonderful. Its whole ethos is, in my opinion, a generous, caring and nurturing one. Thank you very much for helping me come to terms with my condition“  

“I think it’s a terrific programme and I was so glad to be able to have the minibus to take me to sessions in all with the same person that I got to know and trust. He had a real empathy towards sight loss patients and knew leaving the house was going to be a challenge for me. I can’t thank them enough for taking the time to help me. Now I feel much less lonely and more confident getting out and about.”

“This is such a welcome break from the frustration of a blind life. What a wonderful antidote to be able to be with people that share my experiences for part of the day. Very reviving and reassuring“  

“If I had any money I would gladly donate to charities such as this to help more people like me“

“Keep the good work going as it helps people who have suffered sight loss to build confidence quickly“