Photo of Jacqueline Gazzard, Trustee

Jacqueline Gazzard


Hello, my name is Jacqueline and I was delighted to be asked to join the Board of Trustees in 2017.

Like my fellow trustees I feel our biggest challenge is raising awareness and promoting all the ways in which our charity can help people on our Island with a range of sight impairment. I also hope we can continue to grow our funds to help even more, building on the great foundation of fundraisers involved with the Society since its inception in 1895. 

My family has a history of early onset glaucoma, a painful eye condition that can be very scary if, like us, you initially know nothing about the disease or indeed the support out there. We went on a steep learning curve, but hope others won’t feel that sense of panic and will know to come to our society for support and information. I know we can spread the word and better inform Islanders, giving the right support when its most needed.

Born and brought up on the Island, I lived abroad and in London for many years, only  relocating home again to share my professional experience in the last decade. Who wouldn’t come back to enjoy the unique and special lifestyle offered here on our sub-tropical home!

My professional life was spent working in communications, where I rose to head up the department of Historic Royal Palaces PR. It gave me scope to run international campaigns, creating film and TV series alongside re-branding and commercial reviews. My work was wide ranging and a great deal of fun, offering skills I now share with several charities based on the Island.

I also retrained as a Level 3 Forest School leader in a bid to get more young people off tablets and mobile phones and instead outside, exploring and increasing the confidence in the natural wonders on our doorstep. Having studied history, it remains a passion of mine, alongside exhibitions, heritage sites (Brading Roman Villa is a local favourite!) and walks with muddy children and our family cockapoo.