Aldershot Police Station (English Text)

Welcome to Aldershot Police Station, this is an audible guide on how to access this Police station.

It is read by Lisa from Sight for Wight using our ‘Hello Everyone’ QR code.

This QR code is on the outer wall to the left of the entrance, which are double sliding doors.

If the station is open the door will slide across, however, if the station is closed the doors will not open.

There is a metal wall mounted emergency telephone to your left; it is around one meter from the ground and around thirty centimetres from the end of the wall.

The box has a smooth metal surface with a phone engraved into it and one central circular call button in the middle to press for attention.

Someone will answer and you can speak without the need to press anything else.

The two sliding doors will open automatically giving access to a single room.

This has two distinct areas. You will walk into the reception area of around one and half metres by two and a half metres wide.

The reception desk is directly in front of you.

Turning left ninety degrees, you can walk directly into the waiting area. This has three seats on the left wall and three in front of you on the end wall.

There is a door that leads further into the station but you will be guided to this if you need to be.

Walking forward one step will open the doors automatically, there is a tiny lip to signify entering the building, hard floor, then a carpet.

A further half a metre after the end of the carpet is the reception desk.

The reception desk has three windows with the lower accessible desk on the left.

For the middle and right windows, the front of the desk does not reach the floor. There is a gap around half a metre from floor level.

For the accessible window, there is a protruding shelf with a gap all the way to the floor.

If there is no one behind the desk, there is a buzzer on the far right wall of the reception desks around ten centimetres up.

Once you have been served, turn round proceed half a metre then turn right and walk into the waiting area.

To exit the building, you can either ask the desk staff to open the door for you from behind their desk, or you can press a button.

It is a large square button with a wheelchair symbol engraved on it mounted at waist height, to the right of the sliding doors.

Upon exiting, move forward a couple of paces to avoid the sidewall and turn right to re enter the car park.

This QR code was produced by Sight for Wight to help give unaided access to buildings.

If you have any suggestions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can download this information by pressing download on the very top right of your screen.

Our contact number is zero one nine eight three five two two two zero five Thank you Lisa, Sight for Wight