Talking Library

Our Talking Library is run by a team of specialist volunteers.  Audio books are available on tape and cd, however, the Society does not loan audio equipment to members for library use.

Membership is free and all of our audio books have been donated. Members are sent a list of books by author and title, from which they select their preferences.  Our volunteers then set up a master record which lists each member and their personal preferences. Each time an audio book is sent out, it is listed on the master record. Audio books are sent by post as Articles for the Blind.

Once the member has  finished each book they return it to us, by post as Articles for the Blind, and another audio book is sent out, following receipt back at the Society.

The Audio Library has a special relationship with Carol and Bob Bridgestock, authors of the DI Dylan detective series. Carol and Bob have gone to great lengths to encourage other authors and their publishers to donate audio books to the library, for our members to listen to. They are working to ensure that our library is the first to receive each of their audio books before they have been sent to shops. 

Bob & Carol Bridgestock

If you would like to sign up to our talking library please complete this form or call us directly on 01983 522205.