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On Monday 13th March 2017, the Society held its AGM followed by a Forum. This event was very well attended, having 6 Trustees present as well as 23 Guarantor Members, 12 Clients, 2 Volunteers and 2 visitors who were Laura Gardiner, the ECLO and Miriam Tong.

The Society had asked for questions to be submitted in advance for the Forum and, having received an exceptional response, prepared answers to every question. Time constraints prevented every question and answer being read out; however, the Chairman advised all attendees that the Society would publish all the information from the Forum on the Society’s website and would also make it available to everyone in an accessible format.

Please let the Society know if anyone would like this information and we will make it available as quickly as possible.

Having declared our intention of publishing all the questions and answers in plain view on the Society’s website, the Society was alarmed to be advised within the last few days that the anonymous questions that had been received and answered were, in fact, for the attention of the Trustees only.

The Forum commenced with the Chairman’s address, followed by the retiring CEO’s report and an introduction by Miriam Tong, the Society’s newly appointed CEO who will take office on 3rd April 2017.  Announcements included the creation of the Bonney Harris Activities Fund and a User's Forum

The Chairman then read a selection of questions and answers, including questions from Liz Tuckwell and Danielle Burgess, in addition to the anonymous questions that were asked.