The Freshwater book group will be meeting next Tuesday 5th March at 11.00am at Freshwater library.  This is a week later than usual but they will be pleased to see all members, current and new.

Following enquiries from our members about the pedestrian crossing near Morrisons and Marks and Spencer this is the response from the Island Roads. ‘The newly upgraded traffic signals at Morrisons / M&S entrance has been designed to current standards for Island Roads.  The pedestrian crossings do now not have audible tones on them, as the designer has arranged the layout of the crossings and traffic flows such that they could be changed to allow different timings to be set, which would mean that there could be traffic moving over parts of the junction, while pedestrians could be crossing on others. To ensure safety and that no-one would step out into the road when hearing an audible tone sound, only tactile cones are fitted to the push button units. All of the crossing approaches except one (on the Litten Park side by the park path) also have push button demand units on both sides of the tactile paving at the crossings, for additional access to the demand buttons and tactile cones.’  

If you are unable to read or hold a telephone directory because of your sight loss or other disability, you can make use of a free directory enquiries service. You can use this service whether or not BT is your telephone company. Once you have successfully signed up to the service, all you do is dial 195 and you can speak to an operator who will find the number you require. If you ask to be connected to the number you require, you will then be charged for the call you make according to the call package that you have with your provider. For more details please call free on 0800 587 0195.

A new piece of equipment that is now available is the ‘In Your Pocket’ portable media device and smart phone. It is the simplest way for blind and partially sighted people to access the RNIB Library and RNIB Newsagent services, as well as make phone calls. In Your Pocket is a voice controlled phone, streaming media player and vision assistant – designed specifically for people who are blind or have low vision. Sight for Wight has arranged to have a demo version and will have it available to try at the Low Vision Drop In and coffee morning on Wednesday 20th March, 10.00 till 12.00 noon.  

5 day Holiday to Llandudno – This will be at the Somerset Hotel which enjoys an enviable sea-front promenade location in the heart of Llandudno. The outward journey date is Wednesday 16th October, returning on Sunday 20th October. The cost is from £440 per person and includes local pick up, coach travel, ferry fare, single room accommodation, breakfast, dinner, evening entertainment, Sight for Wight sighted guides and insurance via Daish’s Holidays. Please note: All activities are subject to demand and availability of volunteers for supporting sighted escort guides Closing date for expressions of interest is Monday 11th March. Please contact Laura for more details. Email or call on 01983 522205.Previous ArticleBack to NewsNext Article