Following the steadily dwindling number of Members attending the current fortnightly Wednesday afternoon social activities at Millbrooke House, we will be hosting the final session on 20th March, when entertainment will be provided by easy-listening singer Hannah Pereira.

From April 2019 we will be offering a new range of activities on a couple of Wednesdays each month, with the aim of appealing to a greater number of Members.  

On the first Wednesday of each month there is a SingAbout Session. Click HERE for more information.   

On the third Wednesday of each month there is an additional swimming session. Click HERE for more information.   

Members are also reminded that on the second Wednesday of each month there is a book group that meets at Lord Louis Library, Newport.  Click HERE for more information.   

Following discussion with the regular Members who have enjoyed Wednesday afternoon sessions over the past year or more and, especially for those who are less interested in more active pursuits, we also plan to arrange a series of afternoon tea outings, at suitably accessible venues across the Island, and will promote details of these in the near future.

Of course, we very much welcome other ideas and suggestions for activities from Members – please contact us by telephone or email or join one of the quarterly Members’ Forum meetings with the CEO.  We will always be happy to put together information about something new or different, and will run the activity if we have sufficient interest from our Members and necessary support from our sighted guide volunteers and drivers.

In the meantime, we very much expect that there will be something of a party atmosphere at our final Wednesday afternoon social at Millbrooke House on 20th March, so encourage as many Members to come as we can accommodate.  Just let us know in advance if you are not one of the regular Members of this session and plan to join us so that we can cater accordingly.