Gary Harbor, zookeeper at Isle of Wight Zoo, very kindly returned for his third visit to Millbrooke House and brought along a few friends, courtesy of Wight Vipers.

The afternoon was well attended and, in addition to Gary’s visit, Lauren, from Isle of Wight Radio, came along to interview our members.

Photographs courtesy of Nicholas Peirce.

Leopard Gecko

Above: Leopard Gecko


Above: Chameleon

Gary holding Boa Constrictor

Above: Gary Harbor (Isle of Wight Zoo) with Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor

Above: Boa Constrictor

Member with Boa Constrictor and Gary

Above: Member with Boa Constrictor under Gary’s Supervision

Leopard Gecko

Above: Leopard Gecko

Gary showing off the Sulcuta Tortoise

Above: Gary shows off the Sulcuta Tortoise to Members

Sulcuta Tortoise

Above: Sulcuta Tortoise


Above: Millipede

Above: You can watch a short video of the afternoon by clicking the YouTube link