Scaffolding News

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Please find below a list of known footway obstructions for works including scaffolding or hoarding. We are unable to include end dates as many are extended on a week by week basis, also included are tables and chairs permits that have been issued in the past week. 

Ryde Area  

Current Scaffolds

Gardeners Cottage, Upper Green Road, St Helens

King Lud 2 Esplanade, Ryde

91/92 High Street, Ryde  

Current Scaffolds

93 High Street, Cowes (scaffold up within hoarding)

The White Hart Inn, Dover Road, East Cowes

Pier View Hotel, Terminus Road, Cowes  

Current Hoardings

93 High Street, Cowes  

Pending Skips

19 Mill Hill Road, Cowes

7 Magdalen Crescent, Cowes      


Newport Area  

Current Scaffolds

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, St Thomas Square, Newport

Claire’s Accessories, 41 High Street, Newport

Barnetts, 73 High Street, Newport

Coburgs Night Club, Union Street, Ryde

Headshot, 9 Cross Street, Ryde

21 The Strand, Ryde  

Current Skips

Carita, Steyne Road, Seaview  

Building Materials and Hoarding

Car Park, Brooks Road, Bembridge      


Sandown, Shanklin Area  

Current Scaffolds

The Toymaster, 103 High Street, Sandown

Wilmar Dorkyn and Vermaipa Cottages, Church Street, Newchurch

Brian Cooke Furnishers 77 High Street, Shanklin

Trouville Hotel, 10-16 Esplanade, Sandown

The Ocean Hotel Town Houses, High Street, Sandown

Co-op Food Store, 63-67 High Street, Sandown

Serenity, 83A High Street, Sandown  

Pending Scaffolds

Bar 64, 64 High Street, Shanklin

5 Palmerston Road, Shanklin 2 Albion Road, Sandown

5 Station Road, Sandown  

Current Skips

Co-Op Store, 63-67 High Street, Sandown

8 Hill Street, Sandown 9 Pier Road, Sandown  

Current Hoardings

Premier Inn, 1-9 Esplanade, Sandown

Junction of St Boniface Road/Arthurs Hill, Shanklin      


Ventnor Area  

Current Scaffolds

Corner of Trinity Road and Madeira Road, Ventnor

1 Boniface Road and Into Trinity Road, Ventnor

The Blenheim, 9 High Street, Ventnor  

Current Skips

Seascape, St Catherines Road, Niton      


West Wight Area  

Current Scaffolds

Old School, Fine Lane, Shorwell  

Current Hoarding, Skip and Building Materials

End of Withyfields Cul-de-Sac, Shalfleet      

Vehicle Crossings under construction

51 Nelson Road, Newport Holiday Cottage, Appleford Lane, Whitwell

New Wolverton Farm, Doctors Lane, Shorwell

14 Paddock Close, Godshill

2 Fir Tree Close, Shanklin

6 New Road, Brading

18 Moor View Godshill

10 Meaders Road, Ryde

Carisbrooke College entrance, Mountbatten Drive, Newport

53 Wyatts Lane, Northwood

24 St Michaels Avenue, Ryde

25 Ratcliffe Avenue, Ryde