Scaffolding News

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Please find below a list of known footway obstructions for works including scaffolding or hoarding. We are unable to include end dates as many are extended on a week by week basis, also included are tables and chairs permits that have been issued in the past week. 

Bay and Ventnor Area

There is currently scaffolding at:

Premier Inn 1-9 Esplanade, Sandown

11a & 11b St Johns Road, Sandown

The Toymaster, 103 High Street, Sandown (scaffold up in Albion Road)

1 Station Avenue, Sandown

The Castle Pub, 12-14 Fitzroy Street, Sandown

36 Melville Street, Sandown

Corner of Trinity Road and Madeira Road, Ventnor, Boniface Road and Into Trinity Road, Ventnor

2 Elenor House, Grove Road, Ventnor

3 East Street, Ventnor  

There are currently hoardings at:

Premier Inn, 1-9 Esplanade, Sandown  

There are currently skips at:

3 Clarence Road, Shanklin

Adjacent Coastal Mobility, 56 Regent Street, Shanklin  

New scaffolding is due up at:

The Ocean Hotel, High Street, Sandown- from 30th August

Railway Bridge, Avenue Road, Sandown- from 10th September

16 Regent Street, Shanklin- from 27th August

Ivy Bank, Marlborough Road, Ventnor- from 1st October (with associated road closure)    


Cowes Area

There is currently scaffolding at:

91 High Street, Cowes

93 High Street, Cowes (behind hoarding)

Sainsburys 129-130 High Street, Cowes

78 Park Road, Cowes

14 Market Hill, Cowes

Geraldines 3 York Avenue, East Cowes

Cowes Library, Beckford Road, Cowes (Also up in Westhill Road)  

There is currently hoardings at:

93 High Street, Cowes  


Newport Area

There is currently scaffolding at:

18 Lugley Street, Newport

Dominos, St James Street Newport

Unit 2 32-39 High Street, Newport (now only up at rear of shop in St Thomas Square)

Hurst and Son, Lugley Street, Newport (scaffold up in Lugley Street and Holyrood Street)

Age UK, 145 High Street, Newport

114 Pyle Street, Newport

67 Castle Road, Newport (scaffold up in Clarendon Street)

Santander 26, St James Street, Newport (scaffold also up around corner in Pyle Street)  

There is currently a cherry picker at:

79-81 Pyle Street, Newport  

New scaffolding is due up at:

36 Orchard Street, Newport- from 27th August

16 Drill Hall Road, Newport- from 29th August  


Ryde Area

There is currently scaffolding at:

Boots, 170 High Street, Ryde

Hills Court, High Street and Newport Street, Ryde

18 George Street, Ryde

73 George Street, Ryde

23 St Johns Road, Ryde

62 High Street, Ryde

137A High Street, Ryde

58 The Strand, Ryde  

There are currently skips at:

37 Longmead Road, Ryde

33 High Street, Bembridge

32 Foreland Road, Bembridge  

New scaffolding is due up at:

12 George Street, Ryde- from 27th August

Watson Bull & Porter, 9 High Street, Ryde- from 28th August  

New skips at:

9 Yelfs Road, Ryde- from 30th August

Riding Light, Nettlestone Green, Seaview- from 4th September  

There is currently a new crane at:

19 Albert Street, Ryde- from 2nd September  


West Wight Area

There is  currently scaffolding at:

Jo Jos, School Green Road, Freshwater  

Christmas Cottage, Guyers Road, Freshwater

10 Heathfield Close, Freshwater    

New skips at:

Broadway Garage, The Broadway, Totland- from 28th August