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Chris Cane

As the newest member of staff, there has been interest in my role and responsibilities.  I hope the following information is helpful:  

Provide administrative support to CEO, Finance Officer and Community Development Officer including filtering emails, telephone calls, typing documents and correspondence to a high level of accuracy.  

I also line manage the Centre Administrator, which is an additional duty from the job description and involves monthly supervisions, weekly planning meetings and assisting him in the day-to-day running of the building.      

I am available Monday to Friday so that, in the absence of the CEO, Finance Officer or Community Development Officer, I am a point of contact should a client, volunteer or member of the public need to speak to another member of staff.     

I provide statistics for board meetings and members of staff as required, assist with the production of the Newsletter and proof read documents for the CEO and Community Development Officer.        


Plan agreed events, liaising with CEO, Community Development Officer and Finance Officer ensuring adequate staff/volunteers are available.   

This also includes sourcing prizes, writing thank you letters to sponsors and producing videos for the website and liaising with venues.    

I created a Dress 4 Less video promo which has been seen by over 300 people. Use of video promos has greatly helped to raise the profile and awareness of the Society.   Video promos are very costly and all of the video productions created, I have donated over 30 hours of my time.   

As a result of the very successful Short Story Writing Competition, other organisations have chosen to support the Society. 

Also as a result of the Short Story Writing Competition, two of the celebrities, who very kindly donated their time to record winning stories, have offered to help out again in the future with one of them, potentially coming to an event in June but this has yet to be confirmed.         


Manage diary for staff and volunteers ensuring events do not clash and relevant staff members are available.       


Assisting in Audio Library and Talking News as required.     

This can include delivering Boom Boxes to clients, as well as help with the recording of the County Press Talking News on a Friday morning.        


Database creation and management.          


Forum moderator on website.     

We now have a new website which I am responsible for the maintenance. 

I have created a YouTube channel for the Society which includes the Talking News from January 2017 and all of the video promos, events etc. that I have produced.   

The Newsletter is now available as a pdf on the website.        


Assist with production of leaflets, posters, brochures, website and other publicity materials.       


Assist with production of entries on Social Media.  

With the Centre Administrator, maintain Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets.        


Provide cover for Reception during annual leave and other absences.        


Additional duties have included:   

Provide information to trustees as required. 

Painted the Activities Suite with the assistance of the Centre Administrator and obtained free emulsion paint and equipment from Dulux Decorating Centre.   

Audio speakers now working in the Activities Suite.  

As a result of the Activities Suite makeover and due to producing video promos for the room it is now being used on a regular basis by a number of external organisations, thus bringing in extra income for the Society.  

Help with outside events when needed.  

Assist in transportation of clothes to Dress 4 Less shop.  


If anyone would like to discuss my role and responsibilities in a little more detail then I would be delighted to speak with you.

I can be contacted on 522205 or email: