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Royal Victoria Yacht Open Day

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The Royal Victoria Yacht Club has a long-standing tradition of inviting people with disabilities to enjoy a day at their club. A large number of guests of all ages enjoy a day at the club and trips out on the Solent. There are fast RIBs out to Osborne Bay, and slower boats for a potter up and down Wootton Creek. Shoreside, guests are treated to refreshments and music. There is usually a tombola as well. As usual, this promises to be a great day out and will be very popular so please register your interest early.

Please note: All activities are subject to demand and availability of volunteers for driving and supporting as sighted escort guides.

The event is free of charge, but the charge for the minibus is £3.00. If you wish to make your own way there please still apply through Sight for Wight as the Royal Victoria Yacht Club has reserved a certain number of spaces for us.


July 6
12:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Buy Generic Tramadol Uk


Tramadol Buy Usa
91 Fishbourne Lane
Fishbourne, PO33 4EU United Kingdom
Cheap Tramadol Uk