On Tuesday 9th April, Sight for Wight were streamlining their Talking Book library and removing the old cassette tapes due to CDs being the more popular choice and taken to TESCO. Jan Gibson, Community Champion at TESCO, very kindly agreed to offer the cassette tapes to customers at the Ryde superstore; asking for a donation. As a result of this, we managed to raise £331.14 thanks to the generosity of TESCO customers and the support of Jan!

Sight for Wight still has a supply of cassette tape audio books so if you are interested in taking them off our hands for a small donation then please contact Chris (Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Manager) on 522205 or admin@iwsb.org.uk

Jan Gibson at TESCO handing over the cash raised from sale of cassette tapes to Chris Cane, Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Manager