Cowes Enterprise College hosted Fan TC Con on 24th and 25th August; a celebration of all things science fiction and fantasy but primarily themed as a Doctor Who event.

With this in mind it was an ideal opportunity for the Sight for Wight Dalek to make an appearance and help raise the profile of our charity. It was a fun two days and a huge thank you to Chris, Ruth, Fletch, Matt, John and Pauline for giving up their time to support the event.

Ruth, Fletch & Chris at the Sight for Wight stall
Left to right: Ruth, Fletch & Chris
Ruth, Fletch and Dalek
Ruth, Fletch & Dalek
Chris, Dalek and Dalek writer Rob Shearman
Chris, Dalek and Robert Shearman, Doctor Who writer
Cyberman sweeps the floor
A cyberman sweeps the floor by the Sight for Wight stall
Dalek and Sea Devil pose
Dalek and Sea Devil
Dalek and Wight Knight
Matt, Dalek & Chris
Matt, Dalek & Chris