The Education Programme has begun!

After several false starts due to COVID restrictions, Jasmine Edwards, our Education & Young Person’s Manager, has finally begun to deliver the Education program which teaches primary aged children how to look after their eyes and about living with sight loss.

She has already visited Godshill, Chillerton & Rookley Primary Schools and delivered the program to all the years’ groups. This week she is at Queensgate Foundation Primary.

Through activities the children enjoy learning about:

Their senses – they used vision goggles and blindfolds and tried to work out different smells, objects and sounds.

The eye – they learned about the different parts of the eye and built a 3D model matching the parts of the eye to a diagram.

Braille –  they learned about the history of Braille and, using the alphabet sheet provided, practised reading braille.

Equipment – they tested several helpful daily aids people use and using a Pen Friend to listen to the sounds, they had to identify places across the Isle of Wight.

A very BIG thank you to Paul, Den, Lorna, Rachel and Liberty who have been helping Jasmine.  More schools have already booked sessions and she looks forward to teaching more children about how to look after their eyes and give them a real insight into living with sight loss and how they can help those who do.

Jasmine with some of her furry friends assisting with the Education Program