We are delighted to announce we have taken on two new apprentices so please let them introduce themselves.

Hello I’m Liberty, I chose to do this apprenticeship to learn new skills and to meet new people. I am a young carer and I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy watching many films and listening to music in my free time. I am looking forward to helping others as it is something I enjoy doing especially with the team here at Sight for Wight. I also enjoy sight seeing around the island especially as I have not long moved here so exploring the Island is very fun.

This is a photograph of Liberty Brown
Liberty Brown

Hello, I am Martin.  I have had previous work experience as a trainee at the Isle of Wight Council as well as a volunteer at the British Red Cross and British Heart Foundation. I now feel that an apprenticeship is the right move for me. By joining the Charity, Sight for Wight, I know that I am involved in helping those who have a visual impairment and to assist them to prevent those who may end up feeling lonely, especially during an international pandemic.

I enjoy watching films, playing games, going for long walks on a sunny day, listening to current affairs and visiting theme parks. I am very privileged to have visited many theme parks, most notably the Disney, Universal and Merlin ones.

This is a photo of Martin Hopwood
Martin Hopwood