Please find below a list of known footway obstructions for works including scaffolding or hoarding. We are unable to include end dates as many are extended on a week by week basis, also included are tables and chairs permits that have been issued in the past week.

Cowes Area

Current Scaffolds

Cameos, Bath Road, Cowes (08/04-15/10)

Regency House 42 High Street Cowes (16/09-06/10)

Current Hoarding

Jolliffes Chandlery, Shooters Hill, Cowes (14/10-27/10)

Current Skips

12 Oakfield Road East Cowes (04/10-10/10)

8 Pelham Road, Cowes (09/10-15/10)

29 Solent View Road, Gurnard (15/10-16/10)

Pending Cherry Picker

Cowes High Street, Cowes (Putting up Christmas Lights) between 01/11 and 25/11

Newport Area

Current Scaffolds

Age UK 114A Pyle Street, Newport (26/07-10/10)

113 Pyle Street (31/07-15/10)

4 St James Street, Newport (30/09-13/10)

Phones 4 U 50 High Street, Newport (04/10-31/10)

17 Sea Street, Newport (30/09-13/10)

146 High Street Newport (03/10-16/10)

36 Quay Street, Newport (11/10-17/10)

11 High Street, Newport (14/10-28/10)

48-49 High Street Newport (14/10-03/11)

Ryde Area

Current Scaffolds

35-36 High Street Ryde (28/05-07/10)

Flats 31-36 Marymead Close, Ryde (31/05-17/10)

Boots 170 High Street Ryde (28/07-11/10) To be renewed

Olivo Restaurant 32-33 Union Street, Ryde (08/08-09/10)

79 Park Road (scaffold in Player Street) Ryde (23/09-07/10)

16a Warwick Street Ryde (23/09-13/10)

9 High Street, Brading (04/10-10/10)

Hill House, The Mall, Brading (25/09-15/10)

8 and 9 East Street, Ryde (07/10-13/10)

Current Cherry Picker

10 Pell Lane, Ryde (15/10-17/10)

Current Skips

14 Wray Street Ryde (30/09-13/10)

20 John Street, Ryde (07/10-13/10)

2 Cornwall Street Ryde (08/10-15/10)

Stitching Elmers 73-75 High Street Ryde (03/10-09/10)

Adjacent 59 Binstead Lodge Road, Ryde (08/10-14/10)

Current Building Materials on the Highway

Junction of Green Street and Station Street Ryde (30/09-15/10)

Sandown and Shanklin Area

Current Scaffolds

42 Fitzroy Street, Sandown (16/09-07/10)

Sandown Saver Centre, Albert Road, Sandown (23/09-06/10)

Current Hoardings

Premier Inn, 1-9 Esplanade, Sandown (16/04-13/12)

Current Mobile Crane

Premier Inn, 1-9 Esplanade, Sandown (08/07-10/01/2020)

Current Skips

Shanklin Towers, Prospect Road, Shanklin (09/09-29/09)

Ventnor Area

Current Scaffolds

Corner of Trinity Road and Madeira Road, Ventnor,1 Boniface Road and Into Trinity Road, Ventnor (05/02-13/10)

Chivertons Fish Shop 70 High Street Ventnor (25/09-15/10)

91a High Street Ventnor (07/10-13/10)

The Old Smithy, High Street, Godshill (14/10-20/10)

Current Skips

The Glebe, Spanners Close, Chale (27/09-10/10)

West Wight Area

Current Scaffolds

Hursts 9 School Green Road, Freshwater TBC

Current Skip

Runnymead, Queens Road, Freshwater (23/09-29/09)

Hurstleigh The Broadway Totland TBC

Current Hoarding

Elm Cottage, Ommanney Road, Yarmouth (08/10-26/11)

Vehicle Crossings under construction

Old School Place, Cockleton Lane, Gurnard

4 The Fairway, Lake

Brickfields Cottage, Newnham Road Ryde

57 Foreland Road Bembridge

50 Station Avenue, Sandown

Plots ½ 109-117 Newnham Road, Ryde

10 Inglewood Park, Ventnor

Fullingmills, Westover , Calbourne