Graphic of the Needles, on the Isle of Wight

I’m Sam, I’m 38 and, like our members, I am also visually impaired. Being born with my visual impairment I have learnt to live with it from a very young age.

Growing up, I became very interested in broadcasting and audio engineering and I studied this at college. During my teen years, this led to me getting involved with many radio projects around the country and also setting up a DJ school that was funded by the National Lottery for over 3 years.

I moved to the island in 2018 and, after a long lockdown and working in a supermarket, I finally got a new start working here at Sight for Wight. My main role is producing the Talking News that goes out to our members every week. A huge amount of work goes into creating this weekly programme and I get a lot of satisfaction with the end result, especially when I’m getting the opportunity to use all my skills I have learnt over the years.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and getting out and about; not just on the island but also on the mainland and spending time with my friends and family in London. I suppose the dream for me would be to start my own radio station either here or somewhere abroad, but in the mean time I am very excited about working with individual people using my lived experience.