Graphic of the Needles, on the Isle of Wight

Sue was asked to consider becoming a trustee by a then serving trustee, having both been involved in another voluntary organisation. 

Sue had heard of the IWSB but was not aware of the range of support, activities and fundraising that went into making it such a successful part of Island life.  She is now a trustee, having completed the initial training.  Part of being a trustee involves attending monthly meetings and liaising with IWSB staff.  Sue is also a member of the HR Sub Committee, which involves looking at job applications and interviewing candidates for vacant posts within the Society.

Liaising with Dress for Less, our charity boutique in Newport, is another part of Sue’s role which involves collecting and returning clothing to the shop, as the seasons and stock changes, plus being a point of contact for any queries.

Sue values her role and considers herself very fortunate to be involved with the Society.